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Here are some knife sharpening videos to show you how we sharpen different style cutting edges. you can see more on our YouTube channel  (

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How to Sharpen a Serrated Edge knife

Block Sharpener black handle with yellow grip

Block Sharpener Bottom side

The Block Sharpener is truly the only sharpener that will do any style serrated edge knife. (100% true). We been sharpening knives for free over 40 years now, and still havent found a serrated edge we can’t do. They all get much sharper than new, even brand new knives get sharper, with no chance or damaging an edge. It come out perfect every time. Stand sharpener up, hold sharpener buy its handle let one rod touch table and one off table. Put knife in the middle of sharpener.( saw lightly). It will not hurt or damage the teeth. But what you’re looking for is when sawing back and forth the sharpener will start to vibrate.This makes sharpener rods open up and blade will drop deep into the rods. Hitting top to bottom front to back of tooth. This sharpener will get in every angle, and it’s very easy to do.(Just Saw rock a little back and forth) you can not do it wrong. use 3 & 1 oil , or any light oil. Put on sharpeners rods for best results. cooking oil works to.

Drawing of Block's Patent Knife sharpener
Patent drawing for the new patent Block knife sharpener
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How to sharpen Scissors

The Block Sharpener black handle with yellow grip

The Block Sharpener top side

To Sharpen Scissors hold in hands. Put your thumb in the dip made in the sharpeners handle. Keeping thumb behind thumb guard, made in handle.This feature we added to new style sharpener to give you great grip and better control when using our sharpener. Use one sharpener rod. Run it down following the bevel of your scissors cutting edge. Then do inside of scissors,  on the flat edge you will have a burr, just lay the sharpener with one rod on the blade and sweep away from you. your squaring the corner. It not hard you will get it when you try, this method you will use on gardening tools a lot. Just follow the edges using side of one rod. Some scissor can be pulled threw like a straight edge knife too. once you get the hang of this tool you can sharpen any cutting edges. long as there is some cutting edge left on tool.


Patent for Block knife sharpener
Block knife sharpener Patent Number. D778705
Captain sharp blade.
Captain Sharp Blade-R- Block, Stay Sharp for it is a Pirates world.

How to sharpen Fixed blade knife. Butcher,Filet,Paring knives, Bowie, hunting, kitchen


block sharpener

We suggest Using sharpener on a Flat steady surface, like a table. press knife in firmly hard. Make sharpeners rods flex, pull one direction (Down) But not straight down. come up with back of knife keeping pressure in the sharpener, using a roll out motion. Then right down the middle you will feel the sharpening rods adjust to knife edge. Pull through till it feels smooth. Bringing the handle of knife up little higher each time.(keeping pressure). Razor sharper is up higher. Use 3&1 oil on sharpening rods. Or any light weight oils for best results. When done, to get sharper use a leather belts rough side of belt and then strap knife blade. Most named brand knives will get shaving sharp. If no belt, you can use thick cardboard it will work too. This polishes the knife edge. Works great for finishing pocket knife, filet knives and Skinner.

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Banner of Neanderthal using a Block Knife Sharpener for the first time
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