American made Block Knife Sharpener. You can look for Block knife sharpeners Representatives at these events.

As seen on TV Knife sharpeners
New Patent Block knife sharpener as seen on TV Show. Cutlery Corner knife show.

Frost Cutlery Knife shoppe

Block knife sharpeners are sold at Cutlery corner Knife shop.
Great store to buy knives and Block knife sharpener. Exit 11. I-75 Little north of Chattanooga Tennessee. the Knife shopp. Aka Cutlery Corner knife show.

Block sharpeners are sold in most gun shows in the united states.

Block’s sharpener representative Travel all over the country demonstrating our sharpeners. You can find them in sport shows, Gun shows, and my dads employees in farm tractor shows and flea markets with his original Butcher Block knife sharpeners. Here is some of the shows we do  and our dealers do. Quite often.

Block Sharpener

Florida gun shows
Florida gun shows

Block knife sharpener Representatives can be found in all Florida Gun shows.

Orlando gun shows, Miami gun show,Lake land gun show.Jacksonville gun show,Tampa Florida State gun show Sat 9-5 / Sun 10-5  

Best Hand held sharpener are made in America

Block sharpeners Representatives can be found in all Florida Gun shows and most gun shows across the United states .


  • Block sharpener demonstrating booth 2014

    Block’s Knife sharpener demonstrating booth 2014


Block Sharpener

Block knife sharpener been sold at Buck masters sport show since 2009

Block sharpener

Block knife sharpener banner
Block Knife sharpener banner used in 2015-17

Block sharpener Representatives can be found in the best sport shows in America.

American made knife sharpener

American made knife sharpener 

Featuring Over 300 Exhibitors! Block sharpener there every year.          (UP FRONT)

  • Dates: Friday, August 19: 3:00pm – 9:00pm / Saturday, August 20: 9:00am – 7:00pm / Sunday, August 21: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Location: Montgomery Convention Center / 201 Tallapoosa
Block knife sharpener for sale on website.
Grate American out doors show
You can find you a Block knife sharpener Representative at the Harrisburg Great American out doors show.
public hunting picture
Grand pa Block teaches Grandson Justin the family trade and the vail of a dollar.
Mr. Paul Jr Block teaching his grand son. How to sell Knife sharpeners.2017

My Dads Home show Woods-N-Water Imlay City
Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds hosts outdoors, hunting show all weekend Block knife sharpeners Home Town all way there.

Original Block Sharpener

Original Block knife Sharpener

The 26th annual Woods-N-Water Outdoor Weekend takes place this at the Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds in Imlay City. Michigan. The largest fairgrounds, which recently housed the annual fair, will be transformed with vendors, displays, activities and more — all of which are focused on hunting and outdoors activities.Outdoor Weekend begins on Friday at 5 p.m. and continues until 9 p.m. On Saturday, the outdoor show will be open from 9 a.m. to 7pm, and again on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Block sharpeners home town been attending since since 1978.

Block knife since 1979

Michigan eastern state fair
Block knife sharpener been sharpening knives since 1979 at Eastern state fair

St. Ignace is well known for its car show, the first show was held in June 1976 with 134 vehicles were on display. This show has grown to as many as 2500 cars with over 100,000 spectators.With more and more car shows cropping up in Michigan and the price of gas the average is 1000 cars with over 50,000 spectators & vendors. St. Ignace car show is still one of the originals and the most exciting three days a car enthusiast can spend in a single location.

Block sharpener Family Been setting up here every year since 1976. This is my Grand dad and father favorite Place to camp on the Mackinac Straits Nice days . But cold wet knights. find him next show dad will be their 

auto show picture
Mackinac Bridge
Mr.Block Camping spot over 45 years what a view
purple 38 ford
Original Block knife sharpener
two tone 34 chevy
Original Block knife sharpener Black handle. (Free Shipping)
Original Butcher Block Sharpener Black handle.
Gramp Paul Block with grand son Tyler Breakfelt.
My grandpa Paul Block from Capac Mi with his Grandson Tyler Breakfelt 1985?
Grand pa Block teaches Grandson Justin the family trade and the vail of a dollar.
Mr. Paul Jr Block teaching his grand son. How to sell Knife sharpeners.2017

Gun Shows to find the Block's Sharpener's.(Dealers SHOWS)

rk gun show

October 1-2 Wichita Century ll ,october 8-9 Wichita KS Chisholm,

Black knife sharpener with Yellow grip on it. (Free Shipping)

October 15-16 Topeka Kansas ,October 22-23 Kansas City Missouri

October 29-30 Grand Island Nebraska gun show traders

Jack Links Jerky mascot with his new Block knife sharpener.

November 5-6 Dodge city KS

November all Wichita Kansas

December 10-11 Topeka Kansas Gun show

December 17-18 Kansas City gun show

December 31 January 1 Wichita Kansas

Block knife Sharpener in all LA. Gun shows

Louisiana gun show

All Kenner gun shows

gun show

Stay Sharp

Block knife sharpener logo. Stay Sharp.

Block Knife Sharpener are Found in most Gun shows in America

Block Knife Sharpeners New Patent Anti-slip Thumb Grip.2017

Kitchen Knife sharpeners for sale
Red Anti- slip grip Thumb Grip on a Block knife sharpener.
New patent thumb guide and guard made with Red Anti-slip grip.rubber .

Original Block Sharpener est.1969

Original Butcher Block knife sharpeners for sale on website.
Original Block knife sharpeners are still made 50 years later. Visit Block sharpeners website to order your original Butcher Block knife sharpener.

Stay Sharp My friends for I find it is a Pirates world.

Block sharpeners  Representatives sharpen knives for free and Travail all over the united states and Now in other country’s too. We are aware of knock offs. Others do not work the same. We sharpen knives for free all over the world now . Why? Why not it is easy to sharpen a knife with our sharpeners. This is our way to show you where no gimmick. and we will sharpen your dullest knife blades and we will do a grate job.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              When you try your new Block sharpener you will find there is no other sharpener like them. They have a patent flex design made in the sharpeners handle that able’s their Hi Rockwell Butcher steels to adjust to any cutting edge. this hones the blades back to there original edges fast. (You can only get knife sharper)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Buy demonstrating our sharpener and sharpening knives for free over 50 years as of 2019. We now became one of the most recommended sharpeners buy word of mouth on the internet today. and hottest selling in shows where ever we set up and pitch..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our sharpeners are made in America . Don’t be flood buy knock off .We put our family’s last name on our handle. we are the originals, we are Trademarked with patents.                                          Stay sharp for it is a Pirates world. Away’s make sure you sharpener say Block on the sharpener handle before you ordering.
Pirate Captain Sharp Blade-R-Block
Captain Sharp Blade -R-Block aka Block knife sharpener
Stay Sharp my friends for it is a Pirates world out there. Remember only Block’s sharpeners say (Block sharpener) on the sharpener handle and are Trademarked with Patent.

Stay sharp for it is a Pirates world. Block sharpener demonstration.

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