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Block knife Sharpener Small Family Business

Made in America.knife sharpener est 1969



original Block Sharpener military grade knife with Green Handle
original Block military grade knife Sharpener est 1969
Great grandpa with his grandson Justin original maker of the block sharpener
Grandpa Paul Block with his Grandson Tyler-2004
Me Paul Block#3 with my Dad Paul JR Block 5-20 -15 Capac Mich
Me Paul Block#3 with my Dad Paul JR Block 5-20 -15 Capac Mich


Grand pa Block teaches grandson Justin the Business Imlay city fair 7-29-16
Grand pa Block teaches grandson Justin the family Business Imlay city fair 7-29-16


Billie joe Block and Paul Block
Billie Jo and Paul Block


Block knife sharpener's Demo both 2012
Gun shows in America I Paul Block and Billie Jo Have attended to sell our Block knife sharpeners

TV 2008

Cave man Banner Block Sharpener


Block knife sharpener Patent Number. D778705


knife sharpener for sale
Knife Sharpener made in America
knife sharpener
Knife sharpeners



Captain Sharp Blade
Bentley with Captain Sharp Blade -R-Block. waiting to go on Cutlery Corner Knife show.

logo-lrg The Block Sharpener                                                                                                      Patent Number D778705                                                                                            Hi I am Paul Block the third. My dad and Grand pa started are business Back in 1969. They where the original manufacturer of the Block’s family sharpener.   As a young boy i traveled around Michigan selling their sharpeners with them in Sport shows, Flea Markets, and lots of gun and knife shows. We had family members selling in different states where they lived. It was a great part time job to help make ends meet.                                                                                                                                               Two thousand four my Gran dad pass and later that year i took some sharpeners with me to Florida to help pay for my trip. It was unreal how many sharpeners i sold in two weeks.                                                                                                                                              I went home sold every thing and me and my wife Billie Jo left back to Florida for 19 years. We soon ran all the all other pitchmen selling knife sharpeners out of business with are unique Pitching techniques we use.                                                                     (We don’t just say we make the best sharpeners we will prove it) Free knife sharpening. We where given the nick name (Dixie’s Finest) by a norther pitchmen (out of sarcasm.) He use to be number one till i cam along.now he just # 2. So I made banners and took the name Dixie’s Finest knife sharpener for many years.                    2013 Cutlery Corner knife show heard of us and invited me to be on their Knife show. I demonstrated are sharpener just like my Father and gran dad show me. and sold a lot.                                                                                                                                                     Me and my wife Had new ideas to make are sharpener better yet. Now we had the money it took to re Patent are families sharpener. and Trade mark are last name. We added safety grip (Patent Anti-Slip grip) a thumb guard and guide. and up graded the honing rods with a much finer and harder Butcher steel.                                                 We now have taken a small family business to one of the most popular know-en and best selling sharpeners in America.                                                                                    Now days People in the shows refer to us as Captain Sharp Blade and Blond winch Switch Blade Billie. That’s right we are now call Pirates and we will steel the show where ever we go. (WE don’t just say we make the Best we can and will prove it.)                                                                                                   

Block sharpener

IN loving Memory of my Grandfather Paul Block  SR. & Wife Anna ?  Rip. Capac Michigan.


Captain Sharp Blade-R-Block