Early Knife sharpener history.

Knife sharpener history started. According to a study done by the University of Colorado at Boulder, prehistoric people developed a method of sharpening tools and stone knives at least 75,000 years ago. Western style knife-sharpening, however, can be directly traced back to the “Moletas” of Northern Italy. The Moletas were knife-grinders who traveled from village to village offering their sharpening services. They originated in the valley of Val Rendena in Italy`s Dolomite Alps, and the first one landed in America in 1886.

Block’s Knife sharpener History.

Original Block knife sharpener
Stay sharp with the best. Block knife sharpener

Our Family’s Knife sharpener history started with my Grandpa Paul Block and my Dad Paul Block Jr. They started sharpening knives and pitching our knife sharpener under the name Easy Sharpener throughout the 70s. They travel around Michigan selling sharpeners on the weekends in gun and knife shows. In 1981 Grandpa Block and my dad bought the manufacturing rights with the original sharpener mold, from an old German man, I only knew as Curt from Zug Island Michigan (Inventor of the original).

In 1988 grandpa and my dad Trademark our family’s last name, and added into the Knife sharpeners Handle, along with short knobs on bottom side of sharpener to help keep sharpener steady when working off edge of flat tabletop.

My dad also worked for a steel company Bristol lock nut where they made nuts and Bolts and worked with a lot of different types of steel. Over the Years my dad experimented with lots of different types of steels to use in our sharpeners. He tried courser rods and finer rods. D-2 steels, Domond steels, and 1060, 1095, and was not happy till they worked perfect.

By the 90s Block sharpeners became very popular, sold thousands of sharpeners to Meat packing plants, Vegetable processing plants, bate shops as many more through Gun and Knife shows all over the United States.

Grandpa Block pass away in 2003, Later that year I took a road trip to Florida to visit my Wifes family. My dad suggested I take a couple Hundred sharpeners to sell at the flea market, while wife visits her family. knowen this could help me pay for my trip for Michigan. What I did not expect was walking into a gold mine. Florida turned out to be the perfect place to sell our knife sharpener. I soon found my way into the Gun and knife shows, they were much bigger than anything in Michigan. Me and my wife Billie Jo stayed and worked shows all over Florida for over 19 years be for moving back to Michigan.

Me and my wife sold Tens of thousands of our original knife sharpeners over the years. People in the south loved our Knife sharpeners and Commotion hated us. Our new name was born. (Dixie’s Finest) this was given to us by the people in the deep southern states. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas became our new stomping grounds. we worked in the biggest sport shows and lots of gun and knife shows.

Block’s Knife sharpeners History, new model.

In 2013 Me and wife Billie Jo felt we needed to update our sharpener. To us they looked plain. We did not want to change the original design of our sharpeners too much. People who used our sharpener knew our name and sharpener look, So, we decided to keep the original look. But we add a new patent non-slip grip rubber overshot to the sharpeners handle, with new thumb grip with guard made in it. We put a non-slip grip softer overshot over the thumb grip and on the bottom side of our new model.

Our new Model sharpener was patent approved 2013 and become a big hit instantly. We now have some great new safety features. Our sharpeners come in many different color combinations, plus they look and feel much more durable and much easier to use. In 2015 I was offered to be a guess on Cutlery Corner knife show. I demonstrate my new Knife sharpener and it was a big hit. We became there bestselling knife sharpener in their show’s history of their show. We are still today the best-selling sharpener on the show.

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Knife sharpeners history
Stay sharp with the best knife sharpener.

Grandpa Block RIP. Capac Michigan.

  • Knife sharpener History
  • Knife sharpener history

Block’s Knife sharpeners history, started in Capac Michigan, now days we are located in Houghton Lake Michigan. Business is operated by me Paul Block #3 and my wife Billie Jo. Our Business is run on our property in our workshop. We are American made as it gets. Small family Business started by my dad and grandpa Paul Block sr. and Paul Jr. and now me Paul-R- Block.