New patent Block knife sharpeners for sale

Our Knife sharpeners are patent Knife sharpeners. made to put the original cutting edges back in your blades. Our Knife sharpeners come in many different colors all work the same. Block Knife sharpeners have a patent flex in there sharpeners handle design that enables honing rods to adjust to your knife cutting edges. They are Quick and simple to use handheld knife sharpeners that can sharpen Kitchen knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives and odd shaped cutting edges.

American made Block knife sharpeners.

Block Knife sharpeners are patent handheld knife sharpeners that are quick and simple to use. Have No fear of losing your knifes original cutting edges. Or what’s already on your blades. with our patented flex design made in the sharpeners handle that enable our sharpeners honing rods to adjust to your knifes edge. So when you draw your blades threw our honing rods, you can only make your blades sharper. You will not lose what is on the blades.
Our knife sharpeners do not rip or tare steel. They are made to hone your edges. They take very little to no steel off your blades, yet you can get well made knives shaving sharp.  We can sharpen Convex edges, Serrated edges and V- blades 17 threw 24 best. See how we do it video’s on our sight.                                                                                                                       We are made in America, Satisfaction Guarantee.  (FREE SHIPPING)