New Patent American made Knife sharpeners for sale.

Block’s knife sharpeners for sale are simple to use patent Knife sharpener for sale online. Our knife sharpeners are made to hone your knife blades back to their original cutting edge.

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Knife sharpeners for sale.

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How to sharpen knives
Greatest knife sharpener since the stone age.

What can it sharpen?

We can sharpen any cutting edges. Our Knife sharpener have a unique flex design made in the knife sharpener handle that allow the honing rods to adjust to your knife edge. There for you can only make your knives sharper when drawing your blades threw the Honing rods. We can sharpen your kitchen knives, pocketknives, hunting knives, swords, daggers, hatchets, machetes, scissor and any style serrated edges. See how to video’s on our website.

Types of cutting edges can you sharpen?

You will find with our unique flex design you can sharpen many different types of cutting edges. Like all V -shaped edges form 17 Degrees to 24 Degrees, Convent edges, Serrated edges, Scissor edges and odd shaped edges like found on Snake shaped Daggers and hawk bills.                                                                                                             

Safety Features found only on our new models.

 Knife sharpener handle has a new patent non- slip grip over shot added to bottom and top side of the knife sharpener, The Black ring you see in this image is to give you great grip when using them slippery surfaces. We also added our non- slip grip over the thumb grip on the top side. This thumb grip gives you great control when sharpening knives free hand. Like in the woods or Great outdoors, when there is no table tops available to work off.    

How to use our Knife sharpeners for sale?

You can see more how to sharpen videos on our You-Tube site. We sharpen, pocket knives, kitchen knives, scissors, swords, hatchets, and lots of odd shaped cutting edges, That other knife sharpeners could never sharpen.

Our knife sharpeners been the bestselling knife sharpener on the cutlery corner knife show since 2014.

All Block knife sharpeners work the same. They are very fine-tuned Hi-Rockwell honing steels. They will not dig-in or tear steel, scratch or damage your blades. They are designed to hone your best blades back to their original edges. Will take well-made knives to a shaving sharp finish.

What the difference on the new model from original sharpeners?

Our Knife sharpeners have a patent rubber non-slip grip overshot on thumb grip, that gives you great grip and control. Our new model knife sharpener is made more Thicker and heavy duty than the originals. The Originals work just as good but is a thinner harder plastic handle. Needs to be held down harder. Great to fasten with screw to work bench or Processing table. Aka. (Butcher Block sharpener). Original is discontinued.

Where are Block knife sharpeners made?

Our Knife sharpeners Handles made In Marysville Tennessee, our Steel comes from Pennsylvania, and is shipped to a steel shop in Detroit to be stamped and turned in to our heat-treated honing rods. Then shipped to our family shop in Houghton Lake Michigan to be assembled and packaged for wholesale.

Stay sharp with the best knife sharpener since the stone age.

Dose our Knife sharpeners for sale colors make a Difference? (No)


We are a Patent and Trademarked Knife sharpeners for sale.

Knife sharpeners for sale online.

Knife sharpeners for sale online, Greatest knife sharpener since the stone age. est. 1969

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