Block knife sharpener
Captain Sharp Blade
Bentley with Captain Sharp Blade -R-Block. waiting to go on Cutlery Corner Knife show.
Ted Nugent

Why Choose The Block Knife Sharpeners?

Made in America Knife sharpenerthe Sharpener Ted Nugent Use is   Patent Number D778705. Block is are last name.                 It’s neither difficult nor time-consuming to sharpen a knife. With our Patent Flex design, When you drew your knife blades threw the Block knife sharpener you can only get your knife sharper.You will not lose the edge your knife already has.Block knife sharpeners will  also sharpen any style serrated edge knife there is.(Will not eat teeth up) Block knife sharpener also offer a lifetime guarantee. And 30 day money back guarantee when you order off are website.We have lots of How to use them video’s on YouTube and on this site to teach you the proper way to use your new Block sharpener…

Proving it works


Block Knife sharpener unique patented flex design able’s it to pick up on many odd shaped cutting edges that other knife sharpeners can not sharpen. Block’s honing rods are a specially Formulated hi Rockwell butcher steel that is fined tuned, made just for there knife sharpeners and precisely set to there sharpeners needs. Block knife sharpeners are safe to use on your most valuable knives, see videos on this site.


Block is our last name. We are American made and offer a lifetime guarantee, We have free shipping anywhere in the world. And money back guarantee. More sharpeners you order the better the deal’s get. We thank you for your business owner Paul Block and Co-Billie Jo Block


As seen on TV.

New Patented

Patent Polypropylene Plastic and Thermoplastic Elastomer – Updated technology providing a harder plastic handle with a softer over shot giving it great grip and control

Block Sharpener with black handle and yellow grip

New Patented Anti-Slip Grip thumb guide as seen on sharpeners handle gives you great control and grip when sharpening scissors and  knife blades outside when there is no tables to work off.


knife sharpeners

New Patented anti-slip grip Is also found on the bottom side of knife sharpener, This is there to help you hold knife sharpener sturdy. When being used on kitchen counters or flat slippery stainless steel tables found in restaurants.



Block sharpener store package.