Block knife sharpener

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Why Choose The Block Knife Sharpeners?

Made in America Knife sharpenerthe Sharpener Ted Nugent Use is Patent Number D778705. When you sharpen a Knife properly it will perform the way it was meant to. Never sharpen your knife on a power-driven grinding wheel not specifically designed for that purpose. You could burn the temper from your blade making the edge brittle and prone to chips or cracks. This also voids the warranty. The first step to knife sharpening is to pick a sharpener. The Block Knife sharpener is a Great Knife Sharpener for Sharpening Kitchen knives, Pocket knife’s and safe for Sharpening Collectible Knives. Block sharpeners are made to reline knife to it original cutting edge. it takes very little skill. and it will keep your knife sharp like the day you bought it.

Block Knife Sharpener Unique Patented Flex Design able’s it to pick up on many odd cutting edges the other sharpeners can not do.


  1.                                                                                                                                                                             Safe to Use on High Dollar Knives and Collectible knives.Sharpening Rods are made to flex,There for Block Knife Sharpeners pick up and Relines the knife’s Original cutting edge,Taking off very little to no steel. Yet you will get Razor Sharp.            Block Knife Sharpeners canSharpens your Best Pocket knives like Cold Steel,Case xx, Buck, Kershaw, Sog, Gerber, Spyderco, Micro-tech, Cold l,K-bar knives.  Block Sharpener Patent Sharpening Rods Will Sharpen 440 Stainless,1060 stainless steels, Military grade,Damascus steel,any steel long as there is a cutting edge to pick up on.

New Patented

Polypropylene Plastic and Thermoplastic Elastomer – Updated technology providing a harder plastic handle with a softer shot of rubber shot over for a better grip & great control. found only on New model.

Block Sharpener with black handle and yellow grip

Patented;Anti-Slip Grip Thumb Guide Made in the Knife Sharpeners handle gives you great control  and Grip when Sharpening Knives out side in hands,when their is no tables to work off


knife sharpeners

Patented Anti-slip grip Is also found on the bottom side of Knife Sharpener,This is there to help you hold Knife Sharpener steady. When being used on Kitchen counters or Restaurant flat Slippery Stainless Steel work tables.



multiple Block Sharpeners
multiple Block Sharpeners