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The Original Block Sharpener.
Original Block Knife Sharpeners
Established 1969


Our goal is to provide the tool to give you the edge to stay sharp, literary. The BLocK Knife Sharpener started back in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan.
Grandpa Block was the original owner and maker of The Block Sharpener.

The sharpener has since traveled through most of the United States, and is now based out of Tennessee, with Paul Block being the third generation to manufacture in his family he is also the main dealer at gun and knife shows through the deep South.

The BLocK Knife Sharpener has earned the name of �Dixie�s finest knife sharpener� by proving to be the choice of many professional chefs, hunters, fisherman, scouts, military men, and everyday people in the South.


Stay Sharp With Block Sharpener.

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100% American Made


Our New 2014 Model Sharpener

Our New 2014 Model Sharpener
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After three generations of �Block�s�, The BLoCK Knife Sharpener is still family owned and made here in the U.S.A.

Many have tried to copy our design but have failed. We are very confident that our product works and we take pride in the fact that every part of The BLoCK Sharpener is 100% American Made.

The BLoCK Sharpener and Honer is made up of high impact Nylac ABS, and case hardened steel(aka Butcher's Steel). This knife sharpener is almost indestructible and is made to last a lifetime.

Unlike other cross stick sharpeners and ripper style carbon sharpeners, The BLoCK Knife Sharpener will not tear off, rip, or change the original angle of the blade. The BLoCK Sharpener relines your blade, pushing your blade back to its original shape with removing very little to no steel off of your blade edge.

The BLoCK Sharpener is the only knife sharpener that sharpens any style serrated edges without tearing the teeth out of the knife.

The Block Knife Sharpener.





"You Might be a Redneck if You Buy a Block Knife Sharpener"


Dixies' Finest


Greatest Sharpener Since the Stone Age.

The New BLoCK Knife Sharpener

Our New & Improved 2014 Model Sharpener
Our New & Improved 2014 Model Sharpener
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Forget the Rest Use the Best.









Paul Block
The BLoCK Knife Sharpener
Bushnell, FL 33513


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